Essential Equipment for large scale automated worm farming

Agricultural machinery used by Wonder Worms UK on our large worm farm dramatically speeds up the feeding of worm beds and automates the annual harvesting of the worm castings.

Tractor and rear discharge spreader


This machine is used for shredding and blending large quantities of manure and other wastes for use as worm food and also for blending worm castings into gardening and horticultural products.

Large skid steer loader

Bobcat Digger

A useful machine for loading worm foods into heaps for blending and composting. Also used for loading worm castings, especially in tight areas. Only suitable for the larger operator.

Mini skid steer loader

Mini Bobcat

Wonder Worms UK use this small handy loader for feeding our worm beds. The size of this machine makes it excellent for working in narrow pathways in-between worm beds.

Circular mini excavator

Digger with Small Arm

Used by Wonder Worms UK as an aid to harvesting worm castings, this machine is only required once per year for each worm bed, and therefore can be hired daily from plant hire companies. Fully featured in our training DVD and manual

Automated bagging machine

Automated Bagging Machine

The bagging machine is used daily by Wonder Worms UK and is now 15 years old. We estimate it has filled over 1 million bags and is still in good condition. Cheap second hand machines are available.

Fork lift

Fork Lift Truck

An absolutely essential piece of equipment for any large operator. Capable of handling tons of bagged worm castings every day.

Propagation boxes

Propogation Boxes in Cupboard

When stacked in a heated, well ventilated area, this rapid breeding system can substantially reduce the capital requirements for establishing a large worm production facility. Fully featured in our training DVD and manual

Propagation box racking system

Popogation Boxes in Racks

A user-friendly method of utilising propagation boxes for the larger operator. A temperature-controlled room is essential with all propagation box systems.

Multiplication bins

Close Up of Multibins in Mill

Another low cost system for multiplying worms. Successfully used by Wonder Worms UK for breeding and growing worms indoors in a lit area. Portable and can be kept in any shed, barn, loft or garage etc.

Wonder worms UK bin system

Multibin System Housed in Shed

We use these bins for breeding and also for short term holding of worms produced by our growers, in preparation for bulk processing into the various products for our Angling and Aquatic Markets.

Permanent concrete beds

Worm Beds and Barrow

Concrete block outdoor worm beds produce large quantities of worms and worm castings. Features not visible in this photograph are our anti mole barrier and our anti crawl trap. Fully featured in our training DVD and manual

Semi-permanent timber beds

Outdoor Worm Beds

These timber built outdoor beds are simple to construct, semi portable, and present no planning problems in most areas. Features not visible in this photograph are our anti mole barrier and our anti crawl trap. Fully featured in our training DVD and manual