Potential Earnings

Potential Earnings (UK)

£800 per month turnover is possible from each 1000 sq FT (100m²) worm production bed area, which can be either indoors, or outside.

Shipping Worms

Income from a worm farm is derived from the sale of mature worms and the worm’s faeces, which we call worm castings. These worm castings are fast become recognised as one of the finest sources of organic fertility for agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, gardening and sports fields.

Capital Requirements (UK)

To establish a commercial worm production bed of 1000 sq FT (100m²) would cost approx £1000 if made from concrete blocks or treated timber and built by qualified tradesmen.

Small-scale Worm Farming Tools

A Handyman with the ability to use re-cycled materials could substantially reduce this cost.

Worm Input Costs (UK)

100,000 ‘Blue Nosed’ breeding worms would be needed to inoculate a 1000 sq FT (100m²) production bed costing almost £5000. This amount could be reduced to only £500 by adopting one of our very successful rapid multiplication systems featured in our Training DVD/Video and Manual but it would then take over a year to bring the unit into production.