Equestrian Waste

Equestrian Establishments


Equestrian establishments throughout the world seem to treat the unavoidable manure which is produced by their animals as a serious problem.

Farmers who should make use of it for increasing the fertility and humus content of their land, will not take it because, when spread on land without pre-composting, it is liable to grow a lot of weeds, which germinate from the seeds in the straw.

Mushroom Growers

Mushroom growers used to buy thousands of tons of horse manure, as a growing medium, now they prefer to use more consistently uniform media for their very scientific industry.



Gardeners have succumbed to the expensive modern brightly coloured packaged manures supplied from DIY and garden stores, unlike a decade or two ago when gardeners would collect and pay for sacks of horse muck, enthusing about its benefits for their rose beds.

The Solutions

We have three solutions each requiring a different level of commitment in time and professionalism.


Commercial Worm Farming

Permanent beds made from concrete blocks are cheap to build. This is the most profitable solution, earning £800 to £1,000 Sterling per 1,000 Sq FT (100m²) per month. More information on this system in our Commercial Worm Farming Section.

Horse Manure

Is the one worm food that consistently produces good results with the least problems. Pure horse droppings (No Litter) from rubber mat systems, are probably best as no pre-composting is required before using. Wood shavings, sawdust, Straw or hemp bedding’s are excellent worm foods after a short aerobic composting period, which is a simple process featured in our Training Video And Manual.


Low Tech Pile Beds

The heaps are inoculated with Blue Nose pit run worms (mixed ages and sizes) and covered with woven polypropylene. No maintenance is required for up to 6 months. We have developed a simple system of extracting the worms, which can then be marketed through Wonder Worms UK, to be processed into our angling and aquatic products. This system will not produce the very high returns obtained by solution A, but the net profit is still excellent, with expected returns to exceed £100 Sterling per ton of marketable worm compost. Full details for establishing this system are included in our Training Video And Manual

Pyramid shaped heaps of horse manure 4’ wide x 2’ high and up to 100’ long.


High Fertility Mulch

Horse Manure beddings can be converted into a high fertility chemical free mulch in less than 4 weeks by adopting our low tech aerobic composting system.

Fertility mulches are the top selling products in garden centres. Wonder Worms UK via Tommy Topsoil sell 1,000s of bags a week in spring & autumn. The criteria for a good fertility mulch are as follows.

  • Mulch must be high fertility
  • Mulch must contain no weed seeds
  • Mulch must be organic (chemical free)
  • Mulch must be suitable for all plants
  • Mulch must not rob nitrogen from garden soil
  • Mulch must smell earthy (not manure like)
  • Mulch must flow from the bag (not sticky)
  • Mulch must be competitively priced
  • Mulch should be packed in clean sealed bags
  • Mulch must be supplied with directions on the bag or in a leaflet

The following all make superb fertility mulches after aerobic composting.

  • Straw based Horse Bedding
  • Shavings based Horse Bedding
  • Paper based Horse Bedding
  • Cardboard based Horse Bedding
  • Hemp Based Horse Bedding
  • Pure Horse Droppings can be used if blended with a dry material such as sawdust or paper prior to aerobic composting.

Let us teach you!

How to sell your mulches for at least £2 per bag, it should cost you no more than 40p per bag to produce £1.60 per bag gross profit

Horse Beddings are perfect for making high fertility mulches. Wonder Worms UK can supply printed bags, and issue licences to make the product we have been producing for almost 30 years. All the relevant information is included in your copy of our Training Video And Manual.