Land Reclamation

Living as we do in a society which has very little regard for the welfare of farmers, you could be forgiven for thinking WHY spend the time promoting a system of increasing the fertility of low grade land. We have already heard that our government is planning to reduce subsidies to nil, therefore leaving farmers having to diversify into environmentally friendly niche markets in order to improve the prospects for earning a living from the land. Organic production of agricultural and horticultural crops where land is very poor with impoverished soils is almost impossible.


Worm casts contain all the essential nutrients to restore infertile land back to high fertility. Worm casts are full of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and minerals in addition to nitrogen, potash and phosphorous. Pile bed systems of worm cast production are ideal for this purpose. Surplus worms could still be sold after the initial multiplication period. We are teaching potential organic farmers and growers how to produce an abundance of fertility from wastes of dubious origins, whilst retaining organic status.