Marketing worm castings

It was around 1970 that Charlie Denham first became enthusiastic about worm castings, it was not as a result of a scientific analysis, but simply the size of the weeds growing on a pile of recently harvested worm castings!!

Within a few short years Charlie Denham was producing “Worm Castings enriched” multi-purpose composts, grow-bags, and turf dressings.

Worm Beds

In the early 1970s the image of worms contributing to the fertility of our garden products was viewed with more than a little scepticism, by the majority of our customers, so to improve our image locally, and to widen our target market to regular gardeners, our Wonder Worms UK name was changed to “Tommy Topsoil” for the sale of garden products only. Our Tommy Topsoil subsidiary business is now managed by Andrew Denham, and has maintained spectacular growth, supplying over 5,000 customers within 15 miles of our farm. Whether or not our customers are aware of it, it is the quality of our worm castings that have made our success possible.

Worm castings – fertility without chemicals

It is the high concentration of plant stimulating bacteria, enzymes, and beneficial microbes added by our earthworms during the digestive process that promotes the healthy growth of all plants grown in worm casting fortified composts.

Worm castings are water soluble, making them immediately available to growing plants, without burning even the most delicate of seedlings.

Worm castings are now recognised throughout the world as the richest natural, chemical free plant food known to man.


Chemical free grow bags

Grow Bag

Only available for a 6 week period in spring, these are fantastic for growing sweey organic salad and fruit crops and ornamental house plants

Multi-purpose compost

Worm Castings

Available year round, and available in 2 blends, we have been producing this line for 30 years for all your potting needs

Pure worm castings

Sold in smaller pack sizes, and used to improve germination and growth of small seedlings, this makes an excellent chemical free soil amendment to revitalize tired soils.

Other items in our range of worm casting products include:

  • Seed/Cutting Compost
  • Container Compost
  • Ericaceous Compost
  • Bulb Fibre
  • Lawn Turf Dressing
  • Nursery Stock Compost