The Angling Market

Ryburn Aquatic

Blue Nose Worms for Fishing, Dead or Alive!

Angling is one of the most popular leisure activities in the UK, U.S.A. and throughout most of Western Europe.

Wonder Worms UK are developing a range of innovative products for angling, marketed by Ryburn Aquatic, the wholly owned subsidiary of Wonder Worms UK.

Worm meal

Made from Blue Nose Worms, our worm meal is carefully prepared and packaged to retain the intense smell that all fish find irresistible. Small quantities are added to bread crumb base and used in match fishing as ground bait.

Dried worms

Blue Worms in Pot

Mature Blue Nose Worms are dried slowly in a vacuum which retains the worm’s bulk, allowing the dried worms to recover to normal size and muscle strength, making them hookable after 2 minutes of soaking in water. Ideal for long trips when fresh bait could be difficult to find.

Liquid worms

Worm Spray

Blue Nose Worms are made into these long life ground bait additives made in two forms, one in a 150mls squirty bottle which is very low cost. Used mainly by the millions of match anglers throughout the world, and secondly a spray bait, which despite being more expensive, is more refined, and therefore more economical to use.

Live worm sales

Live worms sales to hobby anglers in small pots are best served by local growers. 10 million anglers in the UK need bait and a lively Blue Nose Worm is one of the finest baits an angler could use. They are very tough and lively and live for several weeks in the small tubs which are specially made with a unique ventilation system in the lid. Display boxes and the special pots are available in small quantities in order to build a regular cash business for a minimal investment. Full details for storing, packing and marketing Blue Nose Worms to your local angling fraternity are included in your copy of our Training Video and Manual.