The Aquatic Market

Worms are loved by all species of fish.


The smell of worms is an obvious attraction, plus they are an excellent source of high quality protein.

Our worm meal combines the benefits of attractive smell and high protein content with digestibility and safety, which is very important for young fish.

Our worm meal is precisely the type of food that all species of fish must have to grow and breed well.

Discus fish love our worm meal, even baby discus love it. We are working very closely with a renowned breeder of Discus whose initial trials are suggesting our worm meal is incredibly successful.

Frozen and dried worms for the angling market

Some fish breeders are happy to use live worms; others are concerned about the possibilities of worms introducing undesirable pathogens and bacteria to their fish tanks. We were approached several years ago by fish breeders who were at that time purchasing live worms from us about the possibility of supplying frozen and dried worms. Frozen worms present no production problems, dried worms are a much more complicated process involving expensive machinery. After years of research and large investment together with consultations with fish nutritionists we have developed a freeze dried product made exclusively from Blue nosed worms We have recently formed a new marketing company for our processed worms called RYBURN AQUATIC. This new company is developing an expanded range of fish foods for the aquatic market.

Fish Food

To ensure a uniform product, all of our worms are fed on a high quality vegetarian food before being processed into a high quality, gamma treated fish food that is extremely safe and satisfies the demanding criteria of aquatic enthusiasts. The Blue Nose Worms in these bins are purchased from our growers and fed a special vegetarian diet, before being processed into various products for our angling and aquatic customers.

Koi Carp Worms

Feeding Koi Carp with large quantities of worms enhances growth rates and maintains their spectacular colour. Several breeders have provided us with extremely positive feedback.

Worm tablets

Made from 100% Blue Nose Worm meal. This latest product has a special smooth flat side which creates a powerful vacuum when pressed against the aquarium side, making it possible to feed both surface, mid water and bottom feeding fish species.

The goldfish in Tricilla’s Wonder Worms UK office go into a feeding frenzy when we put a tablet in the tank !